Adhaar Apply/ Address Change/Mobile Update etc services

Submitted by ws-admin on Tue, 09/11/2021 - 23:04

We provide you following services. You can simply whatsapp your details and we process it from our office:

  1. New Adhaar Apply
    • We take appointment for you at any Adhaar center when there is no queue
    • We carry you to the center. ( We charge nominal petrol charges)
    • Note: New Adhaar is free from Government of India
  2. Name Change: Spelling mistake or word change or full name change.
  3. Address Change: Minor mistake or full address changes
  4. Date of Birth correction: Not in some cases you may need to go to Delhi and sometimes it may not be allowed

In case we can't process your application online, you will need to visit nearby Adhaar Center along with relevant documents. Our team will guide you with details of appointment, documents and centers with least queue


  1. Govt charges( Rs. 50 extra)
  2. Our charges Rs. 130

Documents for updation

Kindly get filled adhaar updation certificate from Gazetted officer etc as per this sample and send it to us.

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